AEM Forms and Healthcare: Sign up for a Win-Win

AEM Deep Dive Sessions

Wed, Sep 21, 4:30 PM (UTC)

About this event

In this digital-first world, a massive shift in how consumers receive healthcare has occurred across the industry. Just as consumers expect to be at the center of a seamless online experience in shopping and entertainment, healthcare has likewise become a consumer-centric experience. In this session learn about how Adobe Experience Manager Forms (AEM Forms) helped AbbVie and Change Healthcare digitally transform their enrollment experiences with efficient, compliant, and secure digital forms.

"The time we take to deliver experiences has been slashed and new functions such as user-generated content, digital enrollment forms, and telehealth can easily be built on top of our existing digital foundation.”

Joe George, the Head of Marketing Technology Center at AbbVie

What is this session about?

In this session, you are invited to learn how AbbVie and Change Healthcare have leveraged AEM Forms in the healthcare industry to deliver better customer digital enrollment experiences in less time. This session will allow you to participate in a Live Q&A where you can ask all your organization-specific questions and get answers directly from leaders in healthcare.


  • Adobe Welcome + Industry Overview with Tom Swanson, Head of Healthcare Strategic Marketing

  • Customer interview with AbbVie + Change Healthcare

  • Open floor Q&A

  • Closing remarks

Who should attend?

This session is only being offered to existing Adobe customers in the healthcare industry! Please let us know if you have any peers you'd like to invite to the event that are interested in learning more about how another organization is leveraging AEM Forms to better their customer experience while maintaining compliance and enhancing operational efficiency.


By attending this session live, you will have the opportunity to have your toughest questions answered, network with like-minded healthcare industry professionals, AND you will be entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card! 

*** We are very excited to have this dedicated time with you! In order to make this session as interactive and helpful as possible, please submit any preliminary questions for AbbVie and Change Healthcare regarding their use of AEM Forms in the healthcare space ***  

Submit your questions to 

There will also be time for live questions, but want to ensure we prepare accordingly for preliminary questions.


  • Lukasz Szulc

    Change Healthcare

    Vice President, Technology Product and Transformation

  • Joe George

    AbbVie, Inc

    Director, Head of Marketing Technology Services

  • Shivendra Singh

    AbbVie, Inc

    Lead Cross Functional Architect, Marketing Technology Services

  • James Bukala

    AbbVie, Inc

    Delivery Services Lead, Marketing Technology Services


  • Joey Hunter

    Product Marketing Manager

  • Christine Comanor

    Sr. Enterprise ABM Manager