2024 AEM Office Hours Kickoff for EMEA

Jun 12, 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Welcome to the kickoff of the 2024 AEM Champion Office Hours for EMEA! Join us as we answer your questions and discuss best practices for Edge Delivery Services. Feel free to ask questions and share your insights with us too. Please submit your questions to: https://forms.gle/zrKwjQeVGRegifvN9

About this event

Join us for the kickoff of the 2024 AEM Champion Office Hours for EMEA. 

This session will also include a discussion on Edge Delivery Services Do's and Dont's
Whether you are a seasoned AEM user or just getting started this hour is designed to provide valuable insight and answer any questions you may have encountered while working with AEM. 

Don't miss this opportunity to share your experiences, gain new knowledge, and connect with fellow AEM enthusiasts. Register now and be a part of this session.

Pre-submit your questions, to be answered live during our session on Jun 12: https://forms.gle/zrKwjQeVGRegifvN9

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  • Kimon Polychroniadis

    Deloitte Digital

    Sr. Manager

  • Kelly Hungerford

    Sunstar Global

    Director of Digital Strategy & MarTech Services

  • Martin Noble

    ecx.io (an IBM Company)


  • Cindy Underwood

    LPL Financial

    Senior Consultant Digital Operations


  • Rami El Gamal

    RENY Consulting Inc.

    Director / Senior Solution Architect

  • Greg Dimeris

    T. Rowe Price

    Product Owner, Web Content

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